Surprise!! :)  :)

After what seems like possibly actual YEARS i am back! I knew i couldn't leave my inspiration bubble forever but my subconsious was kinda waiting for the urge to return..... i didn't deliberately abandon it. Honest.

Partly my inspiration lacked, my current house is finished, nothing special but nothing left to obsess about as i have NO room left anywhere in the whole house!

Problem solved - buy a new bigger better house - done.

We move in a weeks time!!!!!!!! So i will take photos of my house finished and photos to follow in a few weeks of new house BEFORE we do any work.

A few inspiration piccies to follow for old times sake.... i wondered if my style has changed, maybe slightly more industrial now but i still love my white... :)


Anonymous said...

You have been missed. Congratulations on selling your house and congrats on your new home. can't want to see pics.
Melafrique x

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